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Organic patchouli

Natural essential oil for exotic moments

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BIO Patchouli oil by Unimedica brings a touch of exoticism into everyday life and exudes good mood. The 100% natural essential oil from dried patchouli leaves invites you to break out of the routine. It wants to stimulate and balance. Patchouli oil inspires you to just let yourself relax and indulge in sweet daydreams.

Impressive in purity and quality 

Unimedica's all-natural BIO patchouli essential oil is extracted from the dried and fermented leaves of the patchouli plant through gentle steam distillation. The plants grow in Madagascar.

BIO Patchouli oil by Unimedica is a 100% natural essential oil. 

Free from additives

BIO Patchouli Oil by Unimedica is a 100% naturally pure essential oil from the dried leaves of the patchouli plant. Steam distillate.


Pogostemon cablin oil*, limonene**, linalool**, farnesol**, eugenol**. 

* from controlled organic cultivation

** natural component of the oil

Certified Organic Products

Biozertifiziert DE-ÖKO-006

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What actually is patchouli?

The species patchouli belongs to the labiates. The best known is patchouli from India and Java. Other manufacturers often use patchouli from Indonesia. The patchouli plant (Pogostemon) is herbaceous with panicle or racemose inflorescences. The aromatic parts of the plant, especially the leaves, are among the most important raw materials used in the perfume industry.

Extra tip for alternative use: 3 to 10 drops of BIO Patchouli oil from Unimedica added to the water of a fragrance lamp or on a fragrance stone, it transports you to a mystical, exotic world of scents.

  • SW10122


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